Advantages of Custom Web Design

Custom Web Design offers many advantages over using a template or pre-built solution. This article focuses on how these advantages will help grow your business.

To start with the basics, when you go to build a website you have an option of purchasing a pre built template and adding your information, pictures etc into it. The obvious advantage here is the reduced cost. However the main problem is that you are left with a website that is not tailored precisely towards your business. Instead of creating a website that will focus on your exact market, you find yourself trying to bend a template to fit and in most cases it breaks in one way or another. While there are fewer costs up front, in the long run this method will end up costing more.

Here are some of the main advantages of custom web design:

  • Planning – Custom solutions start with a planning process to assure we are building the best solution for your company. In this brain storming process we generally will come up with ideas that were not previously thought of that will benefit the company.
  • Custom fit – As mentioned one of the largest advantages is the ability to tailor your website and curate the aesthetics of the site exactly for your target audience.
  • Unique – Your website will stand apart from competitors or any other website for that matter since it will be customized just for your company. Best of all, it’s all yours! You don’t have to worry about linking back to another site or having a competitor legally buy the same template.
  • Professionalism – Let’s face it, we’ve all been to a website where things just look repetitive, cheap and overused. Most likely they have been. Your visitors are going to make up there mind within a few seconds of landing on your website –having a professional design will strongly influence how they feel towards your company.
  • Branding – Often times just sliding your brand into another template will backfire. We generally build the website around your brand so that it fits accordingly and is used throughout the site subtly.
  • Control – Some templates only allow the end user to access certain portion of the site, with a custom solution we can make almost anything editable. This is vital to think about especially with items like navigation, blog, sub pages, side panels and more.
  • Longevity – Designing a custom solution can almost guarantee you a longer lasting website. Custom web design does take longer to get out of the gate but it will last for years to come. If done right the upgrade will be much simpler next time around as well.
  • Growth – Again, you are at the mercy of the template here. If it wasn’t built with scaling in mind in case you want to add eCommerce, integrate better social networking aspects, etc you could find yourself having to redo a generous portion of the template so that it fits.


Custom web design will cost more initially but in the long run you will be saving costs and more importantly you will have a custom fit solution that benefits your business leaps and bounds above a previously designed template that was not tailored specifically for your business.